Goldra Dog Sanctuary
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Help us save the Dogs of the Algarve

Goldra Dog the Algarve
The New Goldra Dog Sanctuary is located at Goldra near Loulé, in the Algarve. There are over 100 dogs that need daily care. The Sanctuary is run by volunteers and supported by various fundraising events, sponsors and donations.
How to help us save dogs
There are many ways you can help us with our mission to save dogs in the Algarve

Provide a loving, forever home to one of the many dogs cared for at Goldra

If you can’t adopt then you can pay a regular amount to sponsor the dog of your choice

From dog walking, to cleaning pens to feeding, to playing – all help is welcome
Charities survive because of your generosity.

Any amount is helpful.
More details about methods of donations HERE

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