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                the Algarve the Algarve is a new, free directory exclusively for Algarve businesses & service providers, and their customers.  Need to find a business? Start here.  Need to find more customers? Start here.

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I'm a business
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If you're a business that would like a free webpage on this site, please read on.  in 2014, the most internet searches for commerce were Business & Professional Services, Shopping, and Food & Dining.  If you provide such services, and don't yet have an internet presence, you could be missing out on much potential business.

If you would like a free internet page in our directory, contact us at with photos, graphics, location & contact info and a bit 'about you' details. Full details are on the PACKAGES page. 

When we create your new webpage, your business name will be integrated into the subdomain of our internet domain -


- to assist in building public awareness of your company or service.
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